Fueling Up

fruitMy kids like to eat. I mean really like to eat. And when they’re full-on involved in practices, drills, games, or tournaments, they could eat all day.

I’m trying to encourage snacking because I think it’s more healthy than inhaling a giant plate of food at the end of the day. So I try to make healthy snacks available for the kids to grab. Initially, that meant keeping a bowl of fruit on the counter but I’ve realized that if there’s any prep required, they’ll bypass the snacks that require work and go for a handful of something else, like pretzels, instead.

So now I’ve moved onto plan B. I’ve taken to chopping up fruits and vegetables to leave out on the kitchen table – the easiest grab and go there is! It’s been much more successful though admittedly more work.

How do you handle it when your young athletes get the munchies?